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2 yr old Shane is on the shared list

DOB: 2009, April 28th
SN: post-op CHD

Shane has recovered well from surgery, and his health continues to improve. He has almost caught up with his peers! He can walk well, play with toys and ride a pommel horse alone. He likes to imitate sounds and he can say simple words. He knows how to get dressed, and he is a sensible and good child. Shane is a quiet but outgoing boy. He likes to listen to music and will wave his arms to follow the rhythms. He likes playing with toys, and he likes to play games and stack building blocks with the other children. He will laugh aloud when playing. He is eager to make friends, and he is a sensible and good child.

Contact me at Maeveyblue@aol.com for more information.

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    Keep Posting:)