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4 yr old Vivie

VIVIE, female, DOB 6/2008 SN cerebral palsy sequela, height not up to standard

Vivie is vibrant and vivacious! She has an engaging grin and gregarious giggle. Vivie has high tension in her lower limbs and cannot yet walk on her own. She was admitted to her SWI when she was approximately 10 months old. Vivie lived with a loving foster family but returned to the SWI to be able to receive physical therapy.

Vivie’s reports say,

Physical development

PE condition:
PE time Height(cm) Weight(kg) Head size(cm) Chest size(cm) teeth
2012-3-8 86 11 46.1 48 22
As “Tomorrow Plan”, she was sent to the University Hospital on 2011-07-09, p\admission diagnosis: The child was unable to walk with poor speaking 2 years. No salivates; strabismus or low intelligence occurred. She was able to sit and stand alone. And then, she was diagnosed as cerebral palsy sequela by the experts of ‘Tomorrow Plan”. She has received strengthening nutrition, functional exercise and rehabilitation training.

Vivie now is 3years and 9 months, she is living in the institute. She likes to follow people’s lips to learn speaking and she can speak daily words, She can speak in 4 or more wordsentences. Every day she gets up at 7:30; after breakfast she does rehabilitation training and stands by holding on to things, but not for a long time as her waist and feet are weak.
When she sees pictures she can talk about the people in the picture, like when being asked, “Who is mother?”. She would point it out. Vivie laughs aloud when she sees a pen or toy in your hand, she would stand and try to take the things out of your hand. When she takes it she would smile. When auntie tells stories she would be quiet near auntie. At the meal time, when auntie takes food to other children she would worry and shout: “Aunti, Vivie is here!”. When feeding her, she will eat mouth by mouth. When she calls auntie and aunties ignores her, she would call to the auntie. If auntie continues to ignore her, she would grab autnie’s trousers. When auntie amuses her, she will be happy.

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