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7 year old Mimi

MIMI, female, DOB 11/2005 SN mild ptosis and ??.? Mimi is not as outgoing as her SWI sister Musette and will not dance, no matter how hard Musette tries to encourage her. Mimi goes give a shy look to the camera a time or two and what a breathtaking little face she has! This video breaks my heart because this is exactly what my Scarlett would do. She would be too shy to do anything and so she would be passed up over and over again. All this beautiful girl needs is some love and a Momma to make her feel special and I'll bet she could do great things.


For more information on this lovely child, please email Heidi Hawkins at heidigoestochina@msn.com.

1 comment:

  1. Oh how beautiful she is! My Mimi at home is the exact same way! She freezes when the camera turns on, but talks, sings, tells stories and asks questions from the minute her eyes open until her eyes close at night. I have a feeling that this Mimi is exactly the same:) thanks for featuring her!