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2 yr old Bill is on an individual list

UPDATE! Bill is special focus at Children's Home Society and Family Services!

Bill enjoys it when people come to visit and loves to be held. He likes to play and explore outside with guests and the other kids. He loves to play with housemate Sierra, who is going home soon.

Born: 2/22/2009
Special need: Ear deformity, VSD, Cleft palate
Medical update:  None


  1. If anyone would like to sponsor BILL I have a picture and sponsor packet all ready to be mailed to you! Please contact me through my blog if anyone is interested!!!

  2. Maybe I am missing it, but what agency would I get in contact with to begin an adoption process?

    1. Shannon,
      There are many different agencies that you can go through. It all depends on what your needs are. If you PM me, I'll talk you through it a bit to see which ones may be your best fit.