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2 yr old Max is on the shared list

Look at that smile!!!
Picture taken 10-5-11

Max is very quiet but does like it when visitors interact with him. He is very interested in his surroundings, is easy to please and loves to laugh. Being tickled is one of his favorite things and he also enjoys playing with toys.
Born: 08-31-2009
Special need: 1.dysraphism rt eye, drooping mouth. 2. left nipple& pectoralis major absent 3.syndactylia of 2 fingers

Update on him from SF doctor as of 8-28-11

He recently had a genetics evaluation via photos and internet consultation:
Diagnosis:  Left upper arm and chest abnormality and left hand symdactyly
Discussion:  1. Possible chromosomal deletion or duplication.
                      2. Possible mild atypical Poland syndrome/sequence.
                            -  This condition includes absent sternal head of the pectoralis major muscle, absent or displaced nipple and symbrachydactyly.  It is thought to be a sporadic insult, maybe vascular.   
                           -  Poland syndrome/sequence is sometimes associated with Moebius syndrome (6th and 7th nerve palsy) and occasionally Goldenhar Syndrome.
Additional testing: 
                      They recommended getting a chromosomal microarray (CMA) to rule out
chromosomal abnormalities.  This blood test is not available in China.  We are currently looking
 into sending samples to the states or the test could be done after adoption.

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