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5 yr old Kennedy is on the shared list

Kennedy loves singing songs and asking questions during class. He compliments others around him and loves to talk to visitors. He has a ready smile and enjoys interacting with visitors.  He has such a sweet sincere spirit and is a delight to everyone who knows him.

When I met Kennedy, I noticed right off how goofy he is. He loves to joke and laugh and pretend he doesn't speak English only to be able to then zing you with an English phrase. He is such a hoot!

And he has been waiting for so long for his family...

Born: 2/13/2006
Special need: Hydrocephalus
Medical update: PT

Update: There was a group that went there this last week and this is what one of the women wrote about Kennedy..

"Kennedy has hydrocephilis. He is incredibly intelligent and when he isn't pretending that he can't speak, serves as an interpretor for me. They think that if he didn't have the hydrocephilis that he would probably be a genius. I have a video of him singing (in Chinese) "Jesus loves me"."

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