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2 yr old Sara

Who could resist that face? 

DOB August 2009
Special needs: Light degree cleft palate (repaired), Left eye congenital small size, Both thumb short deformation (as shown in pictures below)

Sara, Sara, Sara!  Three cheers for robust, social Sara Bear.  Sara loves music, her bathtime, and playing with children and caregivers.  She is growing well and is cute as can be.  Sara is getting ready to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  We would certainly love to see the gift of a family for her.  We are working hard to ensure she is home with her family in time for her next birthday.

Sara was born with microcornea of her left eye and a degree II cleft in her soft palate.  The palate has been repaired.  Her thumbs are also noted to be short.  (This is called brachydactyly.) Since she has more than one special physical need it is possible that she was born with a syndrome however that is currently unknown but something a family needs to be open to.

The following is from her growth report 7-2011:

Sara, female, was sent to this institute by the police station on 2009-8-27. Since admission she has lived in this institute to this day. She was estimated to be a newborn.
On admission the physical exam found: height: 49cm, weight: 2.9kg, head size: 33cm, chest size: 32cm, bregmatic fontanel 1.8*1.6cm.  She was found to have congenital microcornea of left eye and cleft palate degree II.

After admission she slept about 20 hours per day. She was well behaved sleeping in her crib.  She only cried because she was thirsty, hungry or wet. At the age of 3-4 months, she often lied down on her crib playing with her hands after being full, at which time her little hands were her best toys. At the age of 5 months, she had her first tooth. At the age of 6 months, she could hold up her head to 90 degree when lying prone. She looked at you when talking to her. She smiled happily when caregivers helped her do the baby gym. At the age of 7-8 months, when teased, she laughed happily. If she heard any music, she would be very quiet so she could hear it.

She enjoys sitting in the baby walker and moving back and forth. She loves playing with other children. Sometimes she smiles secretly when seeing other children playing. She also doesn't like to be dirty. If her clothes are dirty, she would pull a caregiver’s hand and ask her to help clean it. She enjoys being bathed and would spend hours if you let her. She eats vegetable and meat congee, noodles with vegetable and steamed eggs.

Height: 73cm, weight: 7.7kg, head size: 43.9cm, chest size: 45 cm.

Email me at Advocatingmomma@aol.com for more information.

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