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4 yr old John


DOB: 1-17-07
SN: minor cerebral palsy

                                                                               Date of this Report: 9/9/2011

A.       Update measurement:
-          height: 104cm                      - head size: 51cm   - foot length: 17cm
-          weight: 16kg                         - chest size: 55cm
B.       Physical development:
-          Can walk for a long time;
-          Can go up and down stairs when holding on the handrail by self;
-          Can take care of self in daily life including putting on and taking off clothes;
-          Has normal mental development compared with other children of same age;
-          Has no squint or epilepsy;
-          Is under rehabilitation training in the orphanage, around four and a half hours a day;
-          Goes to class in the orphanage where he could learn some common sense 
C.       Language skill:
-          Can speak with clear pronunciation;
-          Can speak the whole sentence;
-          Knows most of daily language to tell his needs;
-          Can communicate well with others;
D.       Interact with others:
-          Likes playing games together with other children;
-          Has eye contact when communicating;
-          Enjoys group activities;
-          Can play house with other children, e.g. he has played to be the driver, the cook and the monitor before;
-          Has quite a few good friends;
-          Has familiar and close teachers and caretakers, usually he says hello to them as well as give them a hug when they meet in the morning;
E.        Likes and dislikes:
-          Likes to play with building blocks;
-          Likes drawing with colored pencils;
-          Enjoys outdoor activities and likes playing with water;
-          Is afraid of doing splits in rehabilitation cause it hurts a little bit;

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