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4 yr old Elizabeth

New videos of Elizabeth taken December 5, 2011


DOB: 4-5-2007

Some of these really affect me and this is one of them. Our Finn was abandoned when she was 14 months old. I sit with that and pray for her and her well being every day and wonder how I will ever make up for that. And then I come across a little girl like this one and it just compounds it all.

This beautiful, sweet thing was left when she was 26 months old. She was left, lying on the ground in a park, probably while the mother watched and waited for someone to take her child. At this point Elizabeth was unable to walk or crawl. Through the patience and love from the caretakers at the orphanage she is now able to walk.

She suffers from hydrocephalys and her file states that after rehabilitation for a long time, she can walk slowly without any help.

Her file states she  likes to play with other children and toys, she always smiles at everyone,  loves to draw, gets along well with others and enjoys listening to music. She can take her clothes on and off, she washes her hands by herself, can tie her shoes and is constantly asking what things are and what they do.  

This child needs a Mama. She needs to be loved, she needs to be told over and over again that she is beautiful and she needs to be put into pretty dresses and be allowed to be a girl. These pictures are heartbreaking to me!

Date of This Report: 9-2-2011

A.      Update measurement:

-          Height: 61cm                          - Head size: 51.5cm

-          Weight: 15.5kg                            - Chest size: 51cm

B.      Physical Development:

-          Can walk backwards

-          Can go up and down stairs by alternating feet

-          Can't jump or run

-          Can't play with building blocks

-          Can't dress up by self

-          Can go to potty by self

C.      Language Development

-          Can't say any words

-          Tell personal needs by gesture or expression

D.     Interacting with Others:

-          Likes playing with other children

-          Can look into caretakers' eyes

-          Likes to join group activities or games led by caretakers

-          Has good friends and close caretakers

E.      Likes and dislikes

-          Likes playing games with other children

-          Not found to be afraid of anything so far

F.       Other:

-          Good eyesight

-          Has good balance and seldom falls

-          Head circumference is now a little bigger compared with that of admission date

Email me at Advocatingmomma@aol.com for more information.


  1. The height seems off! Is she actually rather short? Her head measurement and weight is about the same as my 4yr. old

  2. It's what the orphanage sent as measurements so you never know. Scarlett has grown in weight and height an exorbitant amount since she's been home. She was well under the average when we got her. She was almost 3.5 and swam in 18month clothing. So even though she is small, she may not always be with good food, excercise and momma love. :)