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5 yr old Nikki

Look at this sweet girl!
She can color, string beads and draw. She can crawl (only upper limbs), and use spoons to eat. She has no feelings in her lower limbs as of right now. She is in pre-school, as well as receiving PT for her lower legs. Because of her condition, she is incontinent. She can take on and off clothes and doesn't like to be dirty.
She loves all kinds of fruits.She is active, talkative and loves singing. She is able to speak simple words such as "good morning teacher", "you see", "dad", "mom", "elder" "brother", "elder sister", teacher, ayi, eat, watching TV. She can also sing some simple nursery rhymes. She knows lots of common animals and is able to tell the names of them with hints from the teachers. She knows the colors of red and white. In terms of social ability, she is shy. She will eventually come out of her shell but it takes a bit. She is able to sit alone and play building blocks on the surface of a platform.
She is formerly Wendy on BAAS list.
 According to RK: Darling little Nikki has had surgery for congenital myelomeningocele, tethered cord syndrome.
She is 5 years old and lives in the family-like home in an institute. She studies in the preschool program of Little Sister of the Half of the Sky.
2007, June 27th, Nikki
SN: Post op Mylemeningocele & Tethered cord
Email me at Advocatingmomma@aol.com for more information.

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like my daughter and has the same need my daughter had!! She is beautiful!!!