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4 yr old Alban

Some children really grab at my heart and don't let go. This scrumptious little bundle of smiles is one of them. I can't believe he is still waiting! His SN is a whole bunch of scary sounding mumbo jumbo, but from what the people traveling through say about him and his update, he is right on track and 100% healthy. I can't believe no one will take a chance on him. :(

The top pictures were taken in January of 2013 and then they regress from there. I also have some killer videos of him. He is the cutie in the grey sweater with the frog on it. You'll notice he has the swinging hip action down in the second video.

Birthday December 2008
Medical history: resection of lipoma outside spinal dura mater and meningomyelocele repair operation on Dec.14 2009, by-pass operation of right brain ventricle and abdominal cavity on June 25 2010 (postoperative right upper abdomen before admission with unknown particulars)

So you look at his medical history and it sounds scary but then you see what he can do now and wow! WHY IS HE STILL WAITING???
From his file:


"Before admission Zheng Ailiang has had PE for abandoned babies in Shanghai Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine and doctors in the hospital diagnosed him to have Spina bifida associated with brain meningocele(see attachment 1). After admission doctors in this institute did PE and found a incision scar on right upper abdomen, so added the diagnosis of postoperative right upper abdomen with unknown particulars. Due to Spina bifida associated with meningomyelocele, Ailiang went to live in Shanghai Children’s Hospital to be treated on 2009-12-01. After admission he completed all of the examinations and had vertebral canal exploration; resection of lipoma outside spinal dura mater and meningomyelocele repair operation successfully on Dec 14. During the hospitalization the child has had cardiac colorful ultrasonic examination and the report showed PDA. Skull CT examination showed: enlarged brain ventricle, obvious decreased alba, symptom of brain developmental disorder, fluidify outside the brain at the top of right frontal region(bleeding?). Diagnosis on discharge: sacroiliac lipoma, meningomyelocele, hydrocephalus, Epidural hematoma(right frontal region ). He was discharged after all of these diseases were cured or improved on Jan.13 2010. Doctors advise to follow up in OPD and choose a date to have by-pass operation of brain ventricle and abdominal cavity(see attachment 2). This institute brought Ailiang to live in Shanghai Children’s Hospital Affiliated Children’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University for treatment. He had cardiac colorful ultrasonic reexamination on June 24 2010 and the report showed no abnormal structure in the heart was found, which explained that Ailiang’s

CHD has cured itself. On June 25, 2010 Ailiang had cranium exploratory trephination and by-pass operation of right brain ventricle and abdominal cavity under general anesthesia successfully and he was discharged on July 6 2010(see attachment 3). Zheng Ailiang has postoperative resection of lipoma outside spinal dura mater of sacroiliac and meningomyelocele repair. At present a surgical scar 7 cm long can be seen at sacroiliac. He has postoperative by-pass operation of hydrocephalus right brain ventricle and abdominal cavity, and a scar 4cm long can be seen on right part of his head, a scar 2.5 cm long on right upper abdomen, an old postoperative incision scar 3.5 cm long on right upper abdomen(see attachment 4). Zheng Ailiang’s postoperative sacroiliac lipoma, meningomyelocele and hydrocephalus has little influence to him. Presently his physical growth is average. He is active and lovely, has no enlarged head size and can control his defecation and urination on his own.

Now Zheng Ailiang is 26 months old, can sit alone steadily, squat down to pick up toys. He can walk alone, but due to his big body he can not balance center of gravity very well, sometimes falls down, can stand up after falling down. He can go upstairs by holding onto the wall, follow the caretakers to do broadcast gymnastics, swing both hands to and fro. Seeing toys beside him he can hold them to play. He can hold a pencil to scribble on paper. Because of being nurtured in the institute, this is lower than the level of normal kids of same age. We will go on to pay attention to offer him more training of fine motion so as to enhance his motor development.

In terms of adaptability and language, he can beat building blocks each other, take building blocks out of the cup and put them back into it, likes to beat the table with building blocks. He can turn the pages of the picture book twice. When reading picture books he can point to the pictures with his finger and follow the caretaker to read the names of the animals on the pictures. He can also count numerals 1-10. he understands some simple orders. If you ask him to pick up rubbish on the floor and throw it into dustbin, he can do it for you. He can point to nose, ears and mouth. When you say goodbye to him he can wave goodbye with hands to you. When the caretaker brings food he will stand at the door excitedly and shout, Mom, food is coming. When he watches the cartoon Xi Sheep and Grey Wolf on TV, he will point to the TV set and say to the caretaker, Xi Sheep, Xi Sheep! If the caretaker asks other kids not to cry, he will also follow her to say, Don’t cry. He can grasp food to eat it alone, such as apples or crackers. If he has eaten up the delicious food, he can ask more to the caretaker. When dressed by the caretaker he knows to stretch his hands or legs to be cooperative. He can express his feeling by crying or laughing, likes familiar caretakers to stay with him, at that time he will look glad and laugh happily. If the caretaker staying with him leaves, he will cry. If a kid takes away his toy or food he will cry. He likes to imitate, can hold the toy phone receiver to imitate the caretaker making a phone call, saying to the receiver, Hello, hello! Sometimes he can babble and looks very lovely. Besides when you say the names of other kids and ask him to point them out, he can do it correctly and call the names of the kids.

Zheng Ailiang is a lovely boy and all of us like him."
Everything that people are worried about a child not being able to do he can do!!!!

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